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Pursuing Winter – Lofoten

At the turn of February and March as a team of four we went to pursue the ‘real’ winter and northen lights. We have explored Lofoten in Norway and Swedish Lapland. After 1300 white kilometers I brough back this video for you documenting the trip. Winter landscape was one of these best we have on […]

Winter trekking tips

A couple of tips how to make your winter trek pleasant and safe. This video is far from perfect and full of beginner mistakes. It’s my first film of this kind and I’ve made it spontanously (without preparing to actually do it) and as so, I had very little time to film. Anyways, I hope […]

How to get out of Munich?

In previous article I have listed a couple of great options for a day trip out of Munich. I have also briefly talked on how to reach some of the places. Now, it’s time to get into details of what are the best ways of traveling around keeping in mind value, price and time factors. […]