Hong Kong dreams

Hong Kong dreams

A few words about my last trip with a lot of photos. In November, I visited Hong Kong – a city that never sleeps, a city that surprises with lifestyle, a city of fulfilled dreams, a city that should be included on the list of every travel enthusiast. I invite you to a wonderful adventure in Hong Kong, Macau and the surrounding area.

15 minutes of googling

One of the biggest dreams I had was to visit Hong Kong, so when I saw a promotion on Air China flights from Poland to China I didn’t think too long ~ 15 minutes was enough. 15 minutes of googling was all I needed to discern weather conditions, prices, etc. and finally I have made a decision. When I bought the flight tickets I had to prepare for the trip. For this purpose, I decided to use TraviTrip application. This app allows to set a budget, make a list of the things you need on the trip, provides maps with attractions. In short, it provides everything you may need to plan the journey from the beginning until the end.

Meet Hong Kong

View from Victoria Peak by Marcin Rejewski

Until 1997 Hong Kong was a British colony. Today, it is a special administrative region of China inhabited by about 7.4 million people. This region maintains its special status under the treaty between China and the British Kingdom. The main assumption of the treaty is to give China autonomy of this region until 2047. After this period, Hong Kong will be added to the Chinese administration system. Currently, you can see many remains of the British colony such as coffee with milk, left-hand traffic and double-decker buses or trams.

View from Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade by Marcin Rejewski

My amazing journey started on the 6th of November in Warsaw. I had a flight at 13:10 Polish time from Warsaw to Beijing. My flight lasted about 9 hours. I arrived in Beijing at around 5:00 am Eastern China time. Three hours for change flights at the Beijing airport and next 4-hour flight to Hong Kong. I landed in Hong Kong on the 7th of November at 11:30 ET Eastern China.

Chi Lin Nunnery Temple by Marcin Rejewski

The first few days were lazy. I spent the first day in Hong Kong visiting Yau Tsim Mong district (where I’ve been staying). In this district, there is a beautiful promenade overlooking the business district where the largest skyscrapers are located. The next day I went to visit the Buddhist temples, Victoria hill with a breathtaking view on the business district, and I was on laser show from the skyscrapers. I also didn’t forget about sunbathing. Hong Kong has about 20 beautiful beaches.

Chi Lin Nunnery Temple garden by Marcin Rejewski

Wong Tai Sin Temple by Marcin Rejewski

Wong Tai Sin Temple by Marcin Rejewski


Tian Tan Buddha by Marcin Rejewski

One of the most interesting places worth recommending is Lantau island – the largest island of Hong Kong. You can reach it in several ways, but the coolest is a gondola ride that I chose.There was a beautiful view on hills from gondola. The only downside of the ride was when the wind is strong it fibs very hard. On Lantau I was already on the first day, here is the main Hong Kong airport. On the island, I visited the statue of the Big Buddha, the surrounding Buddhist temples, and fishing village Tai O. There is also Disneyland with the famous palace but I have skipped this attraction.

View from gondola by Marcin Rejewski

 Lantau by Marcin Rejewski

 Po Lin Monastery by Marcin Rejewski

Tai O fishing village by Marcin Rejewski


Macau historic centre by Marcin Rejewski

Being in Hong Kong, I had to visit the nearby Macau island – the Chinese capital of gambling. Like Hong Kong, it was a Portuguese colony until 1999. By 2049, Macau will operate on special terms and will be later joined to the administration of China. I was very surprised by my stay in Macau with its architecture very much like a place in Spain or Portugal. I felt like I was in Europe.

The architecture of Macau by Marcin Rejewski

In Macau, I visited the ruins of the of St. Paul church from the 17th century, nearby Mount Fortress and Guia Fort with Lighthouse. I want to strongly recommend visiting the Guia fort, there is a view of entire Macau. In the evening I visited the casino district. It was a real shock for me because I saw many counterfeit attractions known from Europe, such as St. Mark’s Square from Venice or the Eiffel Tower from Paris.

View from Guia Fort by Marcin Rejewski

There are three options to get to Macau, the first and cheapest is a car and driving on a recently opened route. The second and more expensive is the ferry that option I chose. Last option is the most expensive – travel by helicopter.

Mount Fortress by Marcin Rejewski

The Venetian hotel and casino resort by Marcin Rejewski

The Parisian hotel by Marcin Rejewski

Last days

Lion Rock by Marcin Rejewski

On the last but one day of my trip, I decided to climb Lion Rock. It is a mountain resembling the arrangement of the rocks of a lion – hence its name Lion Rock. It took me about 2 hours to get to the top, but it was worth the struggle. The view on the city from the top was breathtaking. A narrow marked path leads on rocks and stones. The last day I spent on buying souvenirs, sunbathing and visiting the temple of ten thousand Buddhas.

Lion Rock by Marcin Rejewski

Lion Rock by Marcin Rejewski

The road to Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery by Marcin Rejewski

From Hong Kong to Beijing, from Beijing to London, from London to Poland

Hong Kong financial centre by Marcin Rejewski

At the 17th of November at 8:00 AM I had a flight from Hong Kong to Beijing. After four hours of flight to Beijing, I was waiting 2.5 hours for the next flight to London. I was surprised that the transition between the Asian zone and the European zone with big congestion and long queues to gate lasted about 30 minutes, with the face scanning, checking the passport and luggage. Exactly at 2.30 pm Eastern China time I took off towards London and after 8 pm British time I landed in London. In London, I spent less than 1.5 days, Sunday and Monday morning. On Sunday in central London, I came across the celebrations connected with the end of the First World War.

Tower Bridge by Marcin Rejewski

The Shard by Marcin Rejewski