Girl and a Monkey's Tale

Girl and a Monkey’s Tale

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved adventures. She went far far from her home to the distant lands on the east. She has seen wonders and she has experienced things she had no idea existed. It’s a fairy tale, it’s a Monkey’s Tale.

It’s a long awaited film featuring our trip to Thailand. However, it’s not a typical travel video, it’s a fairy tale. There are two versions available: English and Polish. Choose the one that suits you best!

English version “Girl and a Monkey’s Tale“:

Girl and a Monkey’s Tale

The two versions aren’t identical. The script is slightly different due to incompatibility of the languages. Nevertheless, the story is the same. It’s a film about a girl lost in a distant land. It’s not certain whether it’s a paradise or hell. It’s maybe a bit of both…

The Girl is taking you on a journey through a small piece of Thailand. She’s exploring some wonderful lake, islands and beaches. She’s also taking you on a trip to a dark and scary jungle full of dangerous traps and animals.

Polish version “Dziewczyna i Małp Kraina” below:

Dziewczyna i Małp Kraina

This is the most time consuming film I have ever made. The post production took over 35 hours. It’s over 4 hours per minute. It was a wonderful journey working on this project and I have learned a lot. Yet, there’s still so much that could be done better and therefore hopefully next films to come will beat this one!

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