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Pursuing Winter – Lofoten

At the turn of February and March as a team of four we went to pursue the ‘real’ winter and northen lights. We have explored Lofoten in Norway and Swedish Lapland. After 1300 white kilometers I brough back this video for you documenting the trip. Winter landscape was one of these best we have on Earth and I really mean these words. Enjoy!

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Winter trekking tips

A couple of tips how to make your winter trek pleasant and safe. This video is far from perfect and full of beginner mistakes. It’s my first film of this kind and I’ve made it spontanously (without preparing to actually do it) and as so, I had very little time to film. Anyways, I hope it will be of some value to you! Enjoy!

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How to get out of Munich?

In previous article I have listed a couple of great options for a day trip out of Munich. I have also briefly talked on how to reach some of the places. Now, it’s time to get into details of what are the best ways of traveling around keeping in mind value, price and time factors.

Munich has one of the most desirable locations out of all the cities I have lived in. It’s on the foots of the Alps and it’s surrounded with several lakes, landmarks and human settlements worth a visit. There are almost limitless choices for traveling. One can only complain there is no sea within an hour drive, but come on, one can’t have everything. Let me give you a couple of ideas how to get your adventure organised in terms of transportation.

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Day trip ideas out of Munich

You have found yourself in Munich. Good choice! It’s an excellent city rich in attractions, events, museums, concerts and whatever else your soul desires. Whether you’re at your city break, on a long hour haul trip or living here you may ask yourself how to spend a wonderful day outside of the city limits. In that case you’ve landed at the right spot. I have a couple of day trip ideas out of Munich and I’m willing to share them.

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Lost phone Lost life – a short movie experiment

This time I invite you to a different movie experiment of mine. It’s a short film kept in suspense atmosphere. It’s a story of a girl who has lost her phone when she needed it most. Sometimes a lost phone means a lost life. Other times a lost phone may mean a new life too. πŸ™‚ Let me know what you think!

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MOVE, travel and EVOLVE – I’m in Croatia

This time I visited Croatian islands of Pag and Rab. I trekked through them and spent a couple of nights outdoors. However, this topic is only an excuse to talk about something deeper: evolution of the way I travel.

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Pentedattilo – one of few or one of many

Calabria – a toe of Italy – is home to two peculiar towns – ghost towns. Roghudi Vecchio abounded following disastrous floods and Pentedattilo emptied due to damages caused by an earthquake. Nowadays, ghost towns are rare tourist attractions or forgotten ruins, but in future they may become a norm. If that happens, we may be those to blame.

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Girl and a Monkey’s Tale

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved adventures. She went far far from her home to the distant lands on the east. She has seen wonders and she has experienced things she had no idea existed. It’s a fairy tale, it’s a Monkey’s Tale.

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Thailand – Is paradise sweet?

Fried chicken, Pad Thai, exotic fruits are some of many tastes and smells of Thailand. It’s a country many people return to multiple times, many want to move to and many did settle down in. It has incredible geography, a fine – growing economy and booming tourism industry. I have visited it too and I came back with a question ringing in my mind I will try to find an answer to. Is paradise sweet?

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Dublin DREAM? – sea, city and mountains [movie]

Dublin is a city limited on one side by Irish Sea and on another by Dublin Mountains. This time I’ve went to explore the mountains following the Dublin Mountains Way. It’s a 42 kilometers trek which crosses the Wicklow Way. I’ve started in Tallaght and finished at 3 Rocks leaving myself the rest for another day.

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