Road map

Part of knowing someone is knowing not only his past or present, but also the possible future. For that reason I’d like to share with you – my dear reader – what are our plans and dreams. I (Maciej) don’t really like having a bucket list or a list of things to do before I die. Our human lives on this world are so short, we hardly can master several skills. However, I like being organized and I like knowing which direction I’m going. Therefore, I always have a list of possibilities or a list of plans… which is a kind of a bucket list anyway. 🙂

Ways’n’paths is many things. The project itself is not yet completely defined. We’ve started our life together recently. At the moment it’s full of uncertainty regarding what we will do, where we will live and so on. The project is shaping as our life is. We’d be happy if with time we’d be able to:

  • Post numerous video series showing and explaining the art of living and traveling
  • Open a travel club (maybe a company) which would organize presentations, slide-shows and expeditions
  • Shape our Android application to be a successful product making life easier for travelers
  • Leave everything and travel for a little bit longer than 2-3 weeks

There are plenty of destinations we’d like to visit and then share our experience with you. Currently on the top of our list are:

  • Thailand
  • Iceland
  • Alps
  • GR-20
  • Sri Lanka