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Melting at Lycian Way trek, Turkey

Sea, mountains, valleys, history, sun and infinite path are the best words to describe the modern trek following the ancient Lycian Way in Southern Turkey. It is a marvelous and demanding hike which goes through plentiful ascends, descends, wonderful valleys, beaches and villages. I had decided to give it a try. My initial aim was to trek for 9 days and finish after about 170 km walked. The whole trek has around 500 km. I bough tickets for the second part of June which is already a very hot month in Turkey. Well, the area of the trek is also considered as one of the hottest regions of the country. It was quite an unfortunate situation, but I decided to go anyway. I walked for five days. The temperatures were reaching nearly 40 degrees. My path had started in Ovac─▒k and it had finished at Patara Beach. Follow me on these hundred sweaty kilometers of an incredible adventure.

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