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How to find cheap flights?

We all love flying around the world and travel. Some travel once or twice a year as a form of detox from the daily life, responsibilities and work. For us travelling is a hobby or even a way of living. However, flying is known to be a costly way of travelling. We’re living in Ireland. It’s an isolated place from the rest of the world. Every time we want to go somewhere we are more or less forced to hop on a plane and fly. 

We’re flying quite frequently and planes are no less common to us now than buses and trains were when we were living on the continent. It sucks a little bit as our options to travel are a bit limited and most of the tickets are – indeed – quite expensive. But not all of them.

If you’re like us – in love with traveling – you’re probably looking to get to your destination as cheap as possible so you could invest more at your destination instead. We’ve been learning the techniques to achieve this goal for the past several years and we’ve got a few tricks and tips to share.

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