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Girl and a Monkey’s Tale

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved adventures. She went far far from her home to the distant lands on the east. She has seen wonders and she has experienced things she had no idea existed. It’s a fairy tale, it’s a Monkey’s Tale.

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Thailand – Is paradise sweet?

Fried chicken, Pad Thai, exotic fruits are some of many tastes and smells of Thailand. It’s a country many people return to multiple times, many want to move to and many did settle down in. It has incredible geography, a fine – growing economy and booming tourism industry. I have visited it too and I came back with a question ringing in my mind I will try to find an answer to. Is paradise sweet?

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Atlas mountains by Maciej Zawieja

Snow in Morocco – Rabat & Atlas

In March 2018 I’ve visited Morocco for the second time in my life. The main goal of the trip was to reach Atlas Mountains and attempt to climb Toubkal – the highest peak of Northern Africa.

I’ve made it. Well, partially. I’ve reached the Atlas Mountains and I’ve been sleeping on the slope of Toubkal. My young heart had synchronized for a little white with the old rocky heart. They have collided and crashed. We’re in a contradictory love. However, I didn’t make it to the top.

Let’s start from the beginning. We’re three friends hopping on a plane to Rabat with loaded backpacks. We’ve chosen to go in March. It was a wise decision made upon previous experience. The last time I’ve been in Morocco it was July. The temperatures were reaching 45 degrees.

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Scotland – at war with the weather

Scotland was a dream of mine that had finally materialized. Together with one of my dear friends we had a dream at high school. We wanted to visit Scotland. The plan was to go there with tents for a kind of survival. We meant real survival. It was long before tent has became my second home. We weren’t able to realize our plans. We had no funds and no equipment to go. However, Scotland stayed in my head. It was a hidden dream somewhere deep in my heart. Nowadays, many of my dreams are no longer dreams. Nevertheless, Scotland was one of these dreams that stayed not realized. Finally the time had came. After all these years I was finally going to Scotland.

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